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More than a cannabis company, we are the gateway to providing a high that you can connect to.

Our Vision

As a provider of cannabis related products, we are steadfast in our faith to make cannabis accessible to all.

Our Values

When paired, our industry leading hardware and battery is guaranteed to ensure that your last hit is just as good as your first.

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Dime Carts Official

Don’t panic; it’s organic!

Our breakthrough quality dime cartridges contain top-notch quality CBD vape oils, producing extra smooth, flavorful vapor, with no harsh burn taste, perfectly combined with all effects of CBD that our customers have come to rely on!  

In 10:1 non-psychoactive and 1:1 mild-psycho-activity, choose the correct CBD cartridge that pretty well works for you. We are confident that it will be the best and long-tasting CBD cartridge you have ever tried!

Our THC dime carts are potent and pure, filled with organic oils. We focus on producing THC cartridges in multiple drains, demonstrating the wide range of terpene profiles naturally present in cannabis flowers. Our bubble gum Kush has a complex gummy flavor, while our forbidden fruit has special fruity, tangy notes. 

All our flavors are self-expressive, with a clear expression of tropical notes found in multiple cannabis strains.

Why Pre-Filled Vape Cartridges?

Increased Usability

Using our pre-filled CBD oil dime carts will eliminate the guesswork associated with self-loading. In addition, unlike other methods involving hash oils and manual vape pens, our cartridges require no extra effort. All you need is to press a button and enjoy your ride! 


Our vape cartridges are the best when it comes to portability. It’s the easiest way to enjoy your favorite oil while on the go. In addition, the sleek and stylish design helps discreet vaping. 

Controlled Dosing

If you are an inexperienced cannabis concentrate vaper, dosing can be a big concern. You don’t want an overwhelming experience while enjoying CBD oil products productively and responsibly, right?

Why Are Our dime cartridges Popular?


The inhaled form of CBD and THC are much better and efficient ways than other methods. 


Our vape cartridges use the latest technology, enables for rapid heating and cooling of substances. So you can put your pen for a quick puff and instantly toss it back in your pocket when you are done! 


You may need a few puffs of our vapes to feel the real effects. It only takes a couple of minutes for these to move from the lungs to the brain. SO be cautious when using our lab-tested products for the first time; a little goes a long way!

Great Taste:

All our vapes are fully flavored with a perfect blend of terpenes drives from the original hemp plant. So just take a puff and knock the socks off. Our cartridges are available in multiples flavors, each for a special moment.

How to spot fake dime carts?

There comes a lot while checking for authenticity, but you should usually look for;

  • Seal stickers on top and bottom of the packaging
  • Validate symbol on the box
  • High-resolution UV gloss color
  • CA symbol 
  • Dime verifiable test result

Are dime carts real?

The main difference between dime carts actual vs. fake is;

The real ones will be thick and thorough inconsistency and slow-moving, while the fake ones will be thinner, faster moving, and may also contain bubbles.

So buy our dime now, as we never compromise on the quality, potency, and constitution of the THC and CBD oils used!


At Dime Industries we are curators of cannabis innovation. We strive to deliver a quality experience through industry leading technology. From distribution, manufacturing, and technology, we are pioneers of the future.

Based in California, our retail partners currently span nationwide as we look to bring Dime products to consumers on a global scale. Quality is always at the forefront of everything we do with our consumers in mind. This is evident by our in-house manufacturing process facilitated by a specialized team.

We don’t cut any corners when
crafting our products using only premier food-grade stainless steel, glass and ceramic plates. These choice materials allow us to preserve our proprietary flavor profiles that we formulate using botanical and cannabis derived terpenes. When paired, our industry leading hardware and battery is guaranteed to ensure that your last hit is just as good as your first.

Vision Statement
Through transparent and inclusive means, we have taken no shortcuts in delivering quality at every step of the way. As a provider of cannabis related products, we are steadfast in our faith to make cannabis accessible to all. We create direct value for the end consumer, thereby introducing the masses to a clean and innovative way of consumption. With this philosophy, we have worked to leverage the latest technology to power the future of the industry.

Mission Statement
More than a cannabis company, we are the gateway to providing a high that you can connect to. We strive to provide a superior experience through a seamless blend of technology and our proprietary flavor profiles. This balance can only be achieved through a high level of attention and care throughout the entire process. We are eager to introduce you to an unparalleled smoking experience that will incorporate a great taste, but more importantly, a clean quality high. Discover a convenient and discreet method of consuming cannabis that is guaranteed to make you “Think Higher”

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We as a business appreciate positive feedback and reasonable criticism which can help us improve on our weaknesses and foster our strengths.

Your products are really good, works so well and the carts doesn't make me cough.

Excellent Products!!! 🏆
Monica PetersonWeb Designer

Great customer support, and great carts. Amazing Online Store.

I love Dime Carts 😍
Vincent PatEnterpreneur

Good quality Oil like yours isn't easy to find.

Nice Stuff! 💪
Thomas LesleyMusician

Its strange how the real ones are hard to find, I'm glad I did.

Awesome company!! 😎
Eloise PorterFashion Designer

Was so surprised I got a gift Merch for my delayed order which was just a day.

Cool Merch! 🤗
George FreunderBusiness man

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